I work in a higher education context within an IT department. I enjoy the guide-on-the-side approach in education whilst simultaneously recognizing the role played by mobile technology applied to digitally enhance teaching and learning. Hence, my research explores the use of mobile technology enhanced learning in ill-structured domains. I support a student-centred pedagogy which embraces various theoretical underpinnings including:

  • Activity Theory;
  • Social Constructivist Theory;
  • Theory of Learning for the Mobile Era; and
  • Rhizomatic Learning principles.
4 Theories Diagram

Contribution of four theoretical standpoints to blended learning in the mobile era

I am a self-taught, lifelong learning academic so the concept “heutagogy” is of particular interest to me.  I have noted that, in general, technology enhanced learning initiatives offer affordances and present challenges for educational stakeholders. However, of particular interest to me is the observation that the perception of implementation success often falls short of expectancies. This is especially relevant where assessment strategies lack alignment with delivery mechanisms and course content. I plan to extend my post-doctoral research in this direction, seeking to contribute to the body of knowledge associated with best practices whilst highlighting key success factors for mobile technology enhanced learning.

This is big thinking for now but I am thinking ahead .. there’s still a lot of work to be done. I know I can make a valuable contribution.


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