Limitations? What limitations?

A professorial friend called to find out how my doctoral research is going. We have lengthy academic chats which would possibly classify us as ‘old nerds’. But I enjoy the thought-provoking topics. She recently asked if I have been making a note of possible limitations of my study. Of course there are limitations, I respond: “Money, time, energy, courage etc … ”

On a more serious note there are of course limitations, a few are listed here as my thoughts flit through the doctoral experience to date:

  • Single case study methodology means the outcomes are not likely to offer generalizations;
  • Data collection is challenged by availability and willingness of participants – one respondent replied 3 months after the others;
  • Usual issues associated with the collection of qualitative data such as reliability of feedback are possible; and
  • There will be others …

But for now, I have parked them in a specific document until I write Chapter 5.

Know Your Limitations


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