Working with or without environmental noise? That is the question.

Turn The Clock Back!

Found the secret of working in noisy spaces, thinking it to be a bonus. So managed to think and type in a noisy coffee shop, staff room or with TV on on the background. This skill developed of necessity when too much multi-tasking was going on: degree, work, parenting, entertainment – all in parallel.

However, there has been fallout from this ability. I can no longer work in silence. And, doing doctoral research where difficult theories form the foundation of my studies so need to dig deep to understand the concepts. Going to try this week to focus in total silence for short periods, turning the clock back to study-days of youth and see if I can speed read and then then write accompanied by noise. Reverse engineering?


Back to eating the elephant …

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  • Write regularly, often in small parts, synthesizing – do this along the way before it becomes the elephant in the room;
  • Maintain a feasible pace based on attainable deadlines;
  • Ensure a balanced lifestyle – walks, healthy diet, water, rest, laughs, meditation;
  • Set aside the time for energizing the research – no other new challenges; and
  • Complete the bits that have been started – avoids scattering of energy.

Having lost myself, it’s time to claw it back.  Deal with the elephant bit by bit. Positive steps that tick the boxes:

  • Complete the required journal article;
  • Structure the collaborative writing exercise;
  • Finalize Chapter 3 – Research Design and Methodology; and
  • Focus on final data collection: an interview, transcript of a YouTube video and analysis of content of a learning portal.

Chat again later …