It’s time to start and to get organised

Me and Facebook Again 106

I have started my PhD research with some trepidation and enthusiasm. As I start the search for relevant literature to be used for an preliminary literature review for the proposal, I am reminded of my own chaos – erupts when PDFs are gathered in a day-long search and no writing has been done. It’s so easy to source appropriate material but how do I keep a handle on what I have found, what has been read, what is extremely valuable and what needs to be saved yet marked as ‘useless’? A few invaluable tools:

  • A logical filing system – digital and paper-based
  • Endnote – management of reference material, ready for citation
  • Cross referencing system from Endnote to PDFs of important articles
  • Freemind for laptop brainstorming use
  • Folders and subfolders of topics, matching the structure established in Endnote
  • Goodsync software to maintain all inforamtion in sync
  • Dropbox for cloud storage

To do:

  • Choose a brainstorming tool to match Freemind for my Samsung tablet
  • Google Drive account for PhD studies


  • Read today’s collection of resources, make summaries and fill in spaces in the mindmap
  • Tighten up the categories to be used for the preliminary literature review – proposal
  • Empty out old MSc files and archive the m-learning stuff I am unlikely to use this time round
  • Meditation, breathing, relaxation
  • In between write 1000 words: 2 chunks with proof reading of 500 per session based on seeds – strategy, technology-enhanced learning, design science, design-based research, research design



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